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Bee scouts wired for adventure →

A new study suggests that these scouts have genetic brain patterns that set them apart from other bees.

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Scientist at Work - Notes from the Field →

Daniel Song, a doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania, writes from Hovsgol National Park, Mongolia, where he is studying how plants and pollinators form interaction networks.

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Four New Species of Bees Found in New York →

Lasioglossum gotham — is about the size of a grain of rice and lives in compact underground nests.

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Pessimistic & Depressed Bees? →

Whether animals experience human-like emotions is controversial and of immense societal concern.

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QI XL - New Species and Honey Bees (by Akfilm92)

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More thoughts on bees & cell phones →

I think this author does a great job of pointing out some of the flaws of the pop-culture articles floating around these days.

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Scientists train honeybees to detect explosives

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